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Drone Insurance 101

I watched an amazing video of three killer whales and an open water swimmer the other day. I think the most impressive thing about it was the way the swimmer just kept on swimming. Her stroke never varied as one of the Orcas swam along behind her, close enough to lick the bottom of her feet. Talk about nerves of steel. It was shot by a drone. View it here.

There was another impressive video of a whale swimming amongst a group of surfers in the waters off Doheny State Beach, CA. Watching the individual surfers react, or not, to the whale is part of the fun of the video. It was shot by a drone. View it here.

You might have seen one or both of these. If not, chances are you might have seen another example of drone footage. There is usually a drone buzzing around anytime I go to the beach. A drone plays an important role in an episode of the new season of Ozark, and has a bit part in several other episodes. While they’re not delivering items to our doorsteps every day, they are definitely becoming a part of our daily lives in a variety of ways.

If you are considering the purchase of a drone for personal or business use, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to insuring your drone. There are two types of drone insurance: 1) Liability Insurance, which covers any damage the drone causes, if it crashes into a car or a person for example. 2) Hull Insurance, which covers damage to the drone itself when it crashes into a car, and theft. There is another type of insurance that applies to drones that doesn’t immediately jump to mind, but it’s equally important. Cyber Insurance is a good idea for every drone operator because drones can be hacked, and therefore controlled by someone who probably doesn’t have your best interest in mind and won’t be covered by your insurance. In other words, if your drone gets hacked and crashes into a car, your insurance will not cover you. And you will be paying the damages out of your pocket.

If you are a homeowner, and you’re thinking your Homeowner’s Policy has got you covered, you might want to rethink that. Aircraft are excluded under Homeowner’s Insurance, and your new drone is an aircraft.

If you’re using a drone for your business you should carry the first two at a minimum, and the Cyber policy is highly recommended. Just like a Homeowner’s policy, a commercial General Liability policy will not protect you when it comes to the use of a drone.

So remember, while insuring against the possibility of a Killer Whale licking your toes while swimming is tough, finding and purchasing quality and comprehensive Drone Insurance is as simple as contacting us.

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